Sprayglide® ProSupport™ improves consistency when pressure washing and makes surface cleaning safe, quick and easy! ..... Applications: Driveways, Sidewalks, Pool Patios, Decks and Docks, and Lots More !

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  • Tool Skool Review ...  Like most people, I procrastinate when it comes to staining my deck in the back yard ... So when I finally decided to tackle this project, I was anxious to test the Sprayglide with the pressure washer to see if I thought it made a big difference, and the answer is a resounding YES!  ...       Read full article here   http://toolskool.com/deck-cleaning-made-easy-with-sprayglide/
    Beth Knott Managing Editor at Tool Skool
  • Best attachment ever, what a great idea! It should come standard with every pressure washer. I love this thing. It reduces arm fatigue since you don't have to try to hold the wand a certain distance from the deck and it eliminates those marks when you get too close with the wand and remove part of the wood.
    Rene Park City, UT
  • Gentlemen, I saw your device on DIY Network show: "I want that".  Checked it out, bought it and used it yesterday.  It is everything you claim it to be and Sprayglide made my job so much easier!  I cleaned all my concrete- driveway, mowing strips, patio and storage area in less time and much more accurately (no missed spots).  Well done.
    John L. Paval, Stockton, CA.
  • Sprayglide gives you Professional results and is a must have when it comes to power spraying. Assembly instructions are very easy to follow and it took less than ten minutes to assemble. The Velcro tightly secured the Sprayglide to my power sprayer wand. I've suffered from acute lower back pain for several years. The Sprayglide kept me from leaning over drastically reducing the pain. The Sprayglide keeps the nozzle at a consistent distance from the surface giving me a professional even cleaning. By not leaning over all the time it took a lot less time to complete the job. I didn't feel totally wore out at the end of the job. It felt good when people compliment how well and professional my deck looked after spraying it with the Sprayglide attachment.
  • I now can't imagine NOT having one of these I read about this in Family Handyman magazine and knew that it was a good idea. The quality of the roller surprised me, much nicer than I had expected. This device makes it so easy to use my Shark 3000psi 3.5gal/min pressure washer without causing damage to whatever I'm washing, not to mention saving time and labor by trying to hold the wand in the same position throughout the project. Money VERY well spent!
    Paul Lambert, Western Massachusetts, USA