Sprayglide®  FAQ’s

I received a Bonus Offer Tag but when I enter the URL in my browser a 404 page not found message appears?  Please enter the tag URL into your browser using only lower case letters (no capitals).

I don’t seem to be able to find the Warranty or mounting instructions? The Warranty and the mounting instructions are printed on the inside (reverse) of the color package print sleeve.

It looks as though I have not received all 4 of the Velcro® brand hook and loop pieces?  Each Sprayglide® package contains 4 Velcro® brand hook and loop pieces, these include: 2 (2”x 5”) adhesive backed “loop” pieces; and 2 One-Strap® (1″x 5″) pieces.  Sometimes the One-Strap® pieces are packaged very tightly together which can cause them to look like one piece. Please first check that the two are not joined together, and if there is only one piece please contact support at http://sprayglide.com/contact-2/

How do I make sure the Sprayglide® stays securely on the wand? Be sure to use both of the Velcro® One-Strap® pieces when wrapping the Sprayglide® and the wand tightly together.

What if I lose the Velcro® One-strap®(s) or need more hook and loop for additional pressure washer wands or telescoping extensions?   You can also order the SprayglideXHL at http://sprayglide.com/products-page/universal-products/sprayglidexhl-xtra-hook-loop/

Is Sprayglide® strong enough for commercial use?  Yes, Sprayglide® is made of strong 30% glass filled nylon, a stainless steel axle, and solid soft rubber spherical wheel, plus commercial grade Velcro® fasteners rated for thousand’s of on/off applications.  Be sure to follow mounting instructions for best adherence of adhesive parts to your commercial use pressure washer wand.

My pressure washer wand has a downward bend nearer the spray nozzle, how would you recommend I mount Sprayglide® ?  Please purchase the SprayglideX™ Presure-Washer-Roller Xtension™, available in the prodcuts area of this site. http://sprayglide.com/products-page/universal-products/sprayglide-x-p-w-r-with-xtension/