Home and Garden DIY’s Pressure Washer Success

Pressure washers can get the job done, and do a job on your DIY back!  Anyone who has spent hours pressure washing can attest to the strain on your back muscles; leveraging your strength against the flow and the distance you need to keep from the surface being cleaning.

Until now, there was no solution.  Fortunately, the Kirkvision Group, responsible for some unique high tech gadgets, has recently launched a product perfect for the industrial pressure washer and the DIY home and garden guy.

Sprayglide is a pressure washer support accessory that attaches to your pressure washer (any make, any model), and glides along the surface reducing  the crooked body positioning and enabling the DIY to clean, seal or stain the deck without fear of damage.

Popular demand has the product placed on several online and local suppliers. Find a supplier near you.

Watch the video

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