Pressure washer accessory? Pressure washer back support?

What do you call a tool that has never been called anything before? At Sprayglide, we have been wrestling with the big decision: how do we accurately describe our product?

There were phone calls late at night and emails zooming from New York to Vancouver. Would this work, what about that, and then as if it were magic, the inventor himself thought about the paint roller.

Sprayglide is a pressure washer roller!

When the paint roller was invented in 1940 in Canada by Norman Breakey, it revolutionized the speed of painting. The paint roller made it possible to cover a large area in a short time, without the untidy brush marks. Why had no one ever thought of rolling the paint?

Introducing Sprayglide Pressure Washer Roller™

That’s it! Sprayglide does for pressure washing what the paint roller did for paint! No more agonizing hours desperately trying to hold the pressure washer wand the right distance from the surface – just let it roll!

Watch the movie – see how simple your next pressure washing job can be.

Buy Sprayglide for Christmas for the the DIY’s in your life.

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