Buying a Pressure Washer


Summer is a great time to get the deck back into shape.  Besides washing the deck, a pressure washer can be helpful in cleaning walkways, garages, and docks; even home siding.  SprayGlide® helps you succeed in pressure washing without harm to your deck (deck scarring) and pain to your back and shoulder muscles.

Consider some of the following tips when considering the right Pressure Washer:

  1. You have an option of gas or electric. The gas pressure washer offers heavy-duty cleaning, reduced cleaning time due to the power of the spray, and the benefit of not needing to find a plug-in. They cost more than an electric pressure washer.
  2. Electric washers are suitable for smaller cleaning jobs, cost considerably less and avoid the toxic fumes associated with gas.
  3. You can choose a hot or cold-water pressure washer.  If you are buying for home use, the power of the spray is usually more than enough to do the job.  Avoid the cost to your pocketbook and the environment and use cold water.
  4. There are pressure washer “knock offs” which do not offer the warranty and protection of the name brands.  Some of the most popular pressure washer brands can be found here by comparison.
  5. Check to be sure there is a automatic shutdown feature as it reduces stress on the working parts and your pressure washer should last longer.
  6. Be sure the brand you buy will offer you the option local repair parts and service.
  7. If you buy electric, be sure the cord is long enough to do the job as some pressure washers are damaged by using extensions.

SprayGlide® – the Perfect Tool for Pressure Washing

SprayGlide® is the perfect tool to simplify pressure washing.  SprayGlide® fits ANY make or model of pressure, gas or electric.

Watch the short video – see how SprayGlide® protects the deck surface from scarring and the human body from improper strain and muscular pain:


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