New Tool Makes Using a Pressure Washer 20% Faster

Exterior Surface Cleaning is More Efficient and Safer For Homeowners With Newly Released SprayGlide®      

SURREY, B.C., CANADA (June 17, 2011) – Created to make pressure washing faster, safer and easier, Canada’s Kirkvision Group of Surrey, British Columbia has released Sprayglide® Pressure Washer Roller™. Created for use with any pressure washer wand, this new tool maintains ideal spray height and provides improved control for more uniform results and a safer experience. It saves 20% of the time and water required, providing a more efficient, environmentally friendly task. The patent pending product also reduces streaky results, aiding the preparation for deck stain and driveway sealant.

Sprayglide® is a wheel-and-leg attachment for pressure washers that significantly reduces the time and water involved. The easy-to-use tool makes spray cleaning safer as it eliminates the strain involved and directs the water in a more controlled fashion. Now pressure washers can be kept close enough to lift the dirt from the surface while distanced enough to avoid blistering, streaking or scarring. This makes it a valuable tool for DIYers applying deck stain or sealant afterwards.

Sprayglide® has a universal hook and loop attachment system to fit any pressure washer wand. Its nylon body, stainless steel axle and solid soft rubber wheel is both durable and lightweight. Made with recyclable material, it simplifies the process of pressure washing a deck, driveway, walkway, roof or siding.

“I’m a Do-It-Yourself guy with two large decks at home. And cleaning them with a pressure washer gave me a sore back. Worse, I got uneven results, which is awful when you’re applying deck water seal afterwards,” said John Kirkpatrick, President of Kirkvision Group. “So I invented a solution that would spare my back and give me a uniformly clean surface. As it happens, it also saves time and water. Bonus!”
Sprayglide® Pressure Washer Roller™ has a MSRP of $24.95 and is available at and a growing amount of retailers. Product information is also available at Contact John Kirkpatrick by email at, or call 646-396-7557 for more information.

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