Reseller Information

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Use link (in yellow) below to access Kirkvision Group portal and download zip file containing Sprayglide™ power point presentation.

First please read these 4 step instructions:

  1. After you left click on the link below select “Download“.
  2. Next select “Save”  to your PC  or MAC  (do not select open zip at download step).   Be sure to save to a folder you will be able to easially find to access the presentation file.
  3. Once successfully downloaded, run unzip by right clicking on the file (open in same folder),  a number of files will then be available in your selected folder.
  4. You can now run the Power Point presentation, do so by selecting with your mouse  SprayglidePresentationStandard power point file (this will include a two minute video within the power point presentation).

Here is the link to left click to access the download window.