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  • Tool Skool Review …  Like most people, I procrastinate when it comes to staining my deck in the back yard … So when I finally decided to tackle this project, I was anxious to test the Sprayglide with the pressure washer to see if I thought it made a big difference, and the answer is a resounding YES!  …       Read full article here   http://toolskool.com/deck-cleaning-made-easy-with-sprayglide/

    Beth Knott Managing Editor at Tool Skool
  • Best attachment ever, what a great idea! It should come standard with every pressure washer. I love this thing. It reduces arm fatigue since you don’t have to try to hold the wand a certain distance from the deck and it eliminates those marks when you get too close with the wand and remove part of the wood.

    Rene Park City, UT
  • Gentlemen,

    I saw your device on DIY Network show: “I want that”.  Checked it out, bought it and used it yesterday.  It is everything you claim it to be and Sprayglide made my job so much easier!  I cleaned all my concrete- driveway, mowing strips, patio and storage area in less time and much more accurately (no missed spots).  Well done.

    John L. Paval, Stockton, CA.
  • Sprayglide gives you Professional results and is a must have when it comes to power spraying. Assembly instructions are very easy to follow and it took less than ten minutes to assemble. The Velcro tightly secured the Sprayglide to my power sprayer wand. I’ve suffered from acute lower back pain for several years. The Sprayglide kept me from leaning over drastically reducing the pain. The Sprayglide keeps the nozzle at a consistent distance from the surface giving me a professional even cleaning. By not leaning over all the time it took a lot less time to complete the job. I didn’t feel totally wore out at the end of the job. It felt good when people compliment how well and professional my deck looked after spraying it with the Sprayglide attachment.

  • I now can’t imagine NOT having one of these

    I read about this in Family Handyman magazine and knew that it was a good idea. The quality of the roller surprised me, much nicer than I had expected. This device makes it so easy to use my Shark 3000psi 3.5gal/min pressure washer without causing damage to whatever I’m washing, not to mention saving time and labor by trying to hold the wand in the same position throughout the project. Money VERY well spent!

    Paul Lambert, Western Massachusetts, USA
  • A must have product for a pressure washer

    I’ve used a pressure washer for years to clean my cement pool deck. after it dries its always streaked because it’s its difficult to maintain an even distance from the surface. now it comes out perfect every time. also because it rolls, you don’t get tired holding up the wand. i think pressure washers should come with these as standard equipment.

    Ruggedrobb, USA
  • Sprayglide ProSupport Pressure Washer Roller 

    Worked very well, made power washing easier. Easy to install and operate. I only wish I would have thought of making this.

  • The Sprayglide ProSupport Pressure Washer Roller is an awesome product! This product provides a unique and simple way to install on both 1/2″ and 5/8″ shafts on pressure washers using stick-on velcro pads and velcro adjustable straps. The height from the ground to the washer sprayer head is infinitely adjustable. Stubborn stains can be dealt with by simply inverting the wand and the sprayer head is immediately much closer to the ground providing extra power on the problem. The roller also allows simple one handed operation giving your back a much needed break. The parts are high quality and I expect to be using it for years to come.


    This product more than paid for itself in my first use in the time it saved me to get a job done. It took about 10 minutes to get out of the pack, read the directions and install. Once installed, the effort needed to powerwash the deck was more akin to using a vacuum cleaner than a power washer. My arm and back were relieved of the stress of holding the washer at a set height from the deck. Once I had the right height for effective washing, I did not have to go over the area twice. I cut the job time in half (saving lots of water, by the way), and I had none of the typical back issues I normally have after using the powerwasher. Wish I had this 5 years ago!!

    Chris Riley LLB., Bainbridge Island, WA.
  • No more grooves or damages by your powerwasher!

    I work in a Do It Best hardware store and I actually stock this item! I would recommend this to anyone for sure. Many people think they can use their pressure washer to take anything off. That is true but with that usually grooves, blemishes, and marks made by the power of your pressure washer. Buy this tool and you can wash any surface and stay the safe distance the whole time. Two thumbs up:-)

  • Great idea. Wish I thought of it.

    This made cleaning my deck and other area a lot less stessful on my back and shoulders. My wife also used it and was very happy with the ease of use. There was no problem with getting too close to the wood. I would recommend this product.

  • This was an outstanding product to assist in maintaining a constant depth for cleaning any type surface. Extremely helpful in avoiding too close of a spray to wood product and the resulting potential damage.

  • This washer roller makes it so much easier to use you pressure washer for decks or patio’s. you are not bending over all the time and you are not holding it up. Just simply set the distance wanted and pull the trigger and go its that easy.

  • I would definitely recommend this product.It made it very easy to use a waterblaster if you have not used it before. it made the spray equal distance and steady preasure.

  • Arm and shoulder saver

    Because of being able to attach this guide to your spray wand and then just roll it along the area to be cleaned, it sure did save my shoulder most of all. All I had to do is just hold it down and roll my wand. Plus I was able to adjust it so I was able to get the wand at the right distance from my work to have a consistence cleaning area without the eating the wood because of being to close to it.

  • Ok this is one of those items that you can just kick yourself for not thinking of first. How much easier can it be? Determine the optimal height for the work that you’re doing, use the supplied attachment strips to secure the roller and you’re off and running(washing). Cleaned a 10’x10′ section of concrete in front of my garage in around 15 minutes. With no back strain! Highly recommended!

    Rick Wajvoda, Demotte, IN
  • Great Product!

    Worked very well for long pressure washing sessions. Made the workmuch easier! Great product!!! Only drawback was the glider attachment and how sturdily it was attached to the pressure washer nozzle, but it stayed on the whole time and worked as advertised, so over I was very pleased with this product.

  • Worth the money every time I use this

    This product works well to clean decks and cement patios. The single ball pivoting makes it worth the purchase. I will be sharing it with my friends and family.

  • My experience with Sprayglide

    I think this product is a great idea and I would recommend it to anyone. This is the best product of it’s kind and it helps relieve lower back pain. it makes my porch look better and more even.

  • Take it from a pro, it helps large

    The Sprayglide ProSupport Pressure Washer Roller takes the strain off your back. Me and my guys are able to complete more work per day.

  • I recommend this product

    At first it may seem that this product is unnecessary however when I needed to wash a particularly stubborn deck I was very happy to have the Sprayglide support. This product saved wear and tear on my back and prevented me from gouging the wood of my deck. The Velcro straps used to fasten the Sprayglide to the pressure washer wand are of a standard type found in most hardware stores. This feature actually adds value because you can easily replace the Velcro if the original becomes damaged. Overall I would recommend this product.

  • What an amazing item to have!!!

    I had to get my deck cleaned so I could stain it. Lots of narrow boards and spindles. The roller kept my sprayer right on target without spraying a lot of other stuff. It was very easy to install and was easily adjusted when I needed to. The roller rolled perfect and did not get clogged up with dirt. So easy to use that my wife and son were able to help without any problems and or worries about them helping. Great tool!

  • The Sprayglide should come standard with every pressure washer.

    After reading the instructions and applied the Velcro to the spray wand. I am very happy with the ease of using the Sprayglide.  It reduces arm and back fatigue since you do not have to try to hold the wand a certain distance from my patio and deck. In addition, it eliminates those marks when you get too close or too far away with the wand. Again, the Sprayglide significantly reduces the arm and back fatigue factor and should come standard with every pressure washer. In the spring, I will have my father use it and see how he does with the Sprayglide and his walker.

  • Ingenious Design

    After the minimal setup, I was able to adjust to achieve the optimal clean with minimal effort. I have always heard to let the tool do the work, but before after a couple hours, you just want to get done. With this supporting the end of the wand, I was able to get an even clean without the worry of damaging the wood, and most importantly, my back was saved after cleaning over 2000+ sq. ft of decking. Highly recommended.

  • Excellent attachment for power washer

    The Sprayguide worked just as advertised. Used it to clean my driveway. It made the task a on hand job. I set the wand up to spray at a 45 degree angle to the surface for broad sweep. Then just tipped it up to a steeper angle for a more concentrated spray to get the stubborn spots.

  • Great Product !

    When I first got my Sprayerglide out of the package and held it up to sprayer, I was skeptical on how this would stay fastened to my sprayer. By installing the Velcro stickers in two different places for height adjustments and using the straps, I was amazed on how secure it fit. The Sprayerglide worked great on my wooden deck, no more gouging the wood with the high pressure nozzle.

  • Sprayglide this Ol” Mans Friend!

    I highly recommend the Sprayglide to any Ol Buzzard like me!! I am a disabled vet who over the years have struggled with doing a good job power washing Not anymore!! Where were you 30 yrs ago?!? I had great results cleaning my deck sidewalks and garage floor and when the weather gets nice I might enjoy watching my wife try her hand at cleaning the gutters!!!

  • Where has this been all my life?

    This product is well worth the price for any individual at any age. It rolls very easy on the pavement or a wood deck. It sets the distance from what you are pressure washing very easy and keeps it at a constant distance. Allows smaller people to use higher pressure machines to use it because it goes onto the ground and alleviates the push back of the wand when pulling the trigger. The roller ball is awesome takes some of the vibration out the surface it is rolling on and looks to be made of good material. Very excellent product

  • Cleaning is a breeze

    This product makes washing a deck or driveway a breeze. No more variations (due to distance from the deck) in cleaning. It keeps the nozzle the same distance from the area all the time. It also makes it easy to use just one hand while cleaning. It seems to be built very sturdy and would last a long time. The wheel is nice and wide so it doesn’t get stuck in cracks and rolls very smoothly. It just Velcro’s on so it is easy to take off and put on and it comes with plenty of high quality Velcro. No more back strain or arm fatigue when cleaning my deck and I clean it twice a year so this will make it a lot less miserable!

  • Immediately Impressed

    I received my Sprayglide and was immediately impressed at the heavy duty metal design and large roller ball. I have 1000 square feet of deck and a large cement patio/walk around my pool. I power wash both each and every spring. The two problems I have were solved by the Sprayglide. It is hours of tedious work, and my back and shoulders would just ache afterwards. Also, there were pressure lines on the cement because it is impossible maintain a perfect distance hand held and harder as the day goes on. Now the distance is a constant, and the work much more uniform, with no strain on my shoulders and back. The Sprayglide is easily adjustable for the closest “chisel” work to general driveway wash down. I give it 5 stars and recommend to anyone who does much ground power washing.

  • What I’ve always needed

    I have often thought about building some type of jig to keep my power washer wand a set distance from the surface, thinking it would give me a more uniform stroke and prevent cutting the surface. This product does exactly that. Good job – you beat me to it.

  • Does what it says

    I have a lot of concrete (driveways, sidewalks, pool deck, etc.),as well as concrete retaining wall planter beds that need to be cleaned about twice a year. It normally takes me two days to clean them because I have to keep taking breaks because of my aching back. I was able to complete the job in less than a day, only stopping to refuel my pressure washer. The Sprayglide was as easy to use as a vacuum cleaner and was easy on the back.  The Sprayglide doesn’t add much weight to the wand and was compact enough that I was able to transition from cleaning the driveways to the planter beds without having to remove the Sprayglide. Also, it fits in the wand holder on my pressure washer without having to remove it. To get the wand closer to the ground for those stubborn spots was easy by just inverting the wand as the instructions suggest.  I definately highly recommend this product!

  • A very useful tool for your powerwasher.

    When I first opened the Sprayglide I was impressed with its light weight and quality build. The kit came with everything to complete its installation which took less than a minute and is easy to do. A one hour wait time is recommended to allow the adhesive to cure. Using the Sprayglide is very straightforward. It does a great job of maintaining a fixed distance from your spray nozzle to the surface being cleaned. This allows the job to go faster and with better results. Cleaning the very edge of a sidewalk usually meant kicking up dirt from over-spray. The Sprayglide provide more control to virtually eliminate this from happening. Another plus is the extra control the Sprayglide provides minimizes any spray-back onto the operator. This is a nice upgrade to any power washer.

  • Great attachment for a power washer

    This thing is genius, I cant believe nobody thought of this sooner!! it keeps your back from being constantly bent while washing the deck. less stress on your arms.

  • Works really well. Makes cleaning a flat surface much easier. Fits on my AR Blue Clean pressure washer wand perfectly. Nice accessory for your sprayer.

    R.Wright, Lusby, Maryland, USA
  • Back Saver you can believe it

    I have around 120′ of side walk, plus a concrete apron in front of my garage and a concrete patio, all surrounded by a lot of trees. I pressure wash a lot! This is one of those items that when you see it the first thought is “Why didn’t I think of that?” Now you can set your height and push/pull the wand to do your cleaning. Without it being attached, you have to go side to side in order to control the height. Doing it that way allows your pressure washer wand to possibly come in contact with skin causing. So using the Spray Glide also appears to make the process safer and not having to constantly worry about the height really cuts down the amount of time needed to clean a section and as I had in the title, your back doesn’t get stressed near as bad as without it. I definitely recommend this.

    Ricwaj, Indiana, USA
  • Nice add on for power washer

    I used this attachment with a gas powered power washer, and it helped keep the nozzle a steady distance from the surface. Might help alleviate some of the weight of holding it as well. For the price and with free shipping, I thought it was a good deal and would recommend it!

    debinindiana, Fort Wayne. IN
  • Cleaning a Deck Made Easy

    This tool made pressure washing the deck easy. Keeping the washer’s nozzle height the same when washing the deck resulted in an uniform looking deck.

    Peter J. Connery, TX
  • Sprayglide Experience …

    The roller was very good and after a familiarization period, I worked out a procedure and spray angle that worked well. I used the Sprayguide for nearly three whole days, and was very happy with the technique and the ease of the spraying. I developed two basic styles of angles that allowed me great precision and complete coverage of a big mahogany deck.

    The fatigue factor was significantly reduced. The slippage of the pressure wand occurred twice, but I ALTERED THE wrapping style to hold the spray head at the desired position. The track ball allowed changes in direction smoothly and was not affected by the Behr strippers or cleaners.

    Glad I bought this item.

    Hank Clarksville, MD
  • Item was as good or better than described…. got here in 2 days! Love to buy from these guys again… fast service quality item and fair price…. THANK YOU!

    Michael Cody, Silver Spring, Maryland
  • I just wish I had this Sprayglide roller years ago. It was a solid fit onto my pressure washer wand as advertised, really tuff product, gave me complete control. I now can actually look forward to pressure wash …. nice

    JanRoy, Mulberry, FL.
  • If you use a pressure washer to clean decks, docks or driveways, the Sprayglide is a must. This little accessory will improve your project quality and efficiency and save your lower back at the same time!

    Robert Robillard, Concord, NH.
  • Had a huge deck, stairs, dock to wash. Bought this guide to help keep stable distance to reduce any lines in the wood. Used this for 5 days without a break.

    Pros: 1) durable; 2) easily attached; 3) does what it says – kept distance perfect and very few lines in work; 4) improved control; 5) action just like vacumming the carpet – saves your back.

    Zach - Atlanta, GA.